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 “I felt like everyone could connect to at least a part of his speech, if not the whole thing. He had a lot of really valuable ideas. I loved the way that our students and our staff all came together to resonate with those.” 

Anna Conrad, Assistant Principal, Manitou Springs High School

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"You were truly the best keynote I have ever heard and the most connected with the kids. You were simply AMAZING!"

Sasha Gregory, Adviser to 2010-2011 PA FCCLA State Officer, PA FCCLA



Energy, Empowerment, Motivation, Strategy

Dr. Hicks leads your students through the most powerful life principles they need to pursue their dreams and goals. And more – to achieve greatness! Dr. Hicks shares his own unique story – no holds barred – connects with their core and shows the students how his personal epiphanies can positively spin their world around and change their lives forever.

Students will learn to:

  • Remain resilient during challenging times
  • Increase their performance in-and-out of the classroom
  • Create stronger relationships with others
  • Sustain motivation or personal drive
  • Find acceptance in oneself and others
  • Overcome bullying
  • Take more responsibility for actions


SOMEone needs You

Looking for that SPARK to keep your teachers and staff motivated to impact students?

Discover the power of WHY and how you can utilize your WHY to bulldoze over adversity and burnout.

Dr. Laymon Hicks will light a fire in you and help you recommit to that very reason that will help you keep fighting, keep going, and keep striving. It’s time to be the best educator you can ever hope to be because someone needs YOU!

Audiences will learn to:

  • Rediscover your WHY, and use it to propel yourself towards greatness.
  • Learn how to believe in your cause and come out feeling empowered!
  • See how to live, breathe, and walk in your WHY, even during the harshest times.
  • Be able to emerge victorious every time, no matter how hard it gets!
  • Be reminded that you are the light to someone’s darkness and ultimately feel fulfilled.
"In the seventeen years as an SGA advisor, I have had the pleasure of hearing keynote speakers from across the country, and I can assure you that Laymon is a jewel!"

Celene Sessions, SGA Advisor, Pace High School


Level Up Your Leadership

“How did you become the top student leader on a campus of over 38,000 students?”

“How did you get to manage a budget of over $10 million?”

These are only two of the many questions youth audiences ask of Dr. Hicks. And his answer, to all of them, is straight-forward and true – it wasn’t easy! In this jam-packed workshop, Dr. Hicks enthusiastically clears the path of principles that led him to the road, on the road, and over the road to his leadership success. The candid and hard-learned leadership and life lessons he has encountered over the years have served him well and he shows students how these principles can do the same for them through educational content and enriching activities.

"I was not surprised when the audience jumped to their feet at the conclusion of your speech to show their excitement and appreciation for your motivating message. From start to finish, you had the students on the edge of their seats and intently listening to your words of wisdom."

Chazmen Geames, Minority Achievers Director, Capital Region YMCA

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