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N Laymon’s Terms…
Words of Wisdom

Inspiration to Guide You on Your Life’s Journey

Feel like you’re falling off the track? Use this book as your GPS to get where you want to go in life!

‘N Laymon’s Terms…Words of Wisdom is the book that will not only get you through the day but always keep you moving forward. Here’s a collection of Laymon’s favorite inspirational quotes and one-liners that will challenge and inspire you. Read one at a time or browse a whole bunch as you master the attitudes and habits that lead to success!

A Kids Book About Failure

How not to fear failure but embrace it as a way to learn.

It’s not only likely that kids will experience failure at some time in their life, but it’s a 100% certainty. Grownups, it’s up to you to teach them how to embrace it. This book doesn’t paint a pretty face on failure. It rethinks what it means and how to help kids live their lives not trying to avoid it.

From troubled youth to graduating high school with a 4.0 grade point average and obtaining a doctorate by the age of 29. Dr. Laymon Hicks’ story is moving, his words are empowering, and his message is practical.

Treasure Chest of Motivation

8 Jewels of Wisdom for a Young Adult’s Success

This book will show you how to get started and make it happen.

Laymon knows how to start living your dreams today—regardless of your age. He did it before graduating from high school! If you’re a young adult looking to be successful, it’s an absolute necessity that you connect with his message! Through his casual conversation writing style and encouraging quotes, A Treasure Chest of Motivation will provide you with all the strategies you need to become that priceless gem – YOU.

Wear The Message

Bring The Message To Your Group